Monday, May 12, 2008

Share a SheetLoad of Cards - May 2008 CardsForHeroes.Org

This month's "Share a SheetLoad" will benefit

The purpose of Cards for Heroes is to...
"Help a hero keep in touch with home" provides handmade cards for deployed service-men and -women to write home on, and as well supplies cards for other organizations who support wounded warriors with care packages.

The organization receives cards from across the United States and beyond. As of May 5, 2008 they have provided 23, 108 cards to the troops.

Here is our challenge to you:
1 - Choose a current or past issue of SheetLoad of Cards and complete a full "sheetload". This is usually 6-9 cards.

2 - For more information on what types of cards are needed (or not needed) go here: Cards for Heroes FAQ

3 - Download and fill out the "Share a SheetLoad" form, and send it along with your cards.

4 - Mail your cards and envelopes to: The closest Cards For Heroes Address

5 - Cards are accepted on an ongoing basis, but please try to send them in by the end of May for this Share a SheetLoad call.

6 - One set of cards sent in by a lucky SheetLoad reader will be featured on the Cards For Heroes blog!

SheetLoad would really like to keep giving back, so please email if you have any suggestions as to what group/facility could be the focus of our next "Share a SheetLoad"

ps: If any of you reading are bloggers, any and all help to spread the word about this post, would be greatly appreciated.


Martha said...

Woo-whoo! Thank you so much for this opportunity to touch people's lives. It is so wonderful for both the givers, AKA cardmakers, and those who receive.

I always think about the service person who gets my cards but one day I realized that there was a son or daughter, husband or wife, mother or father, etc who will cherish a card I made that a soldier send home to someone they love. These cards will give and give again.

Hope other enjoying making your SheetLoads of Cards as much as I do!

Gloria said...

Thanks for the opportunity to share my cards! I will get a sheetload sent by end of May!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this opportunity to share, help and spread love.

I'll get right on it :-)

Ashley said...

What a fun idea! I have been in swaps where we made christmas cards and made them so that a packet of hot chocolate would be part of the card for a fun drink.

Nicole Maki said...

Got mine in the mail yesterday.

Thanks again for the inspiration, amazing designs and opportunity to share.