Thursday, May 1, 2008

The May 2008 issue of SheetLoad is ready to download...

The May issue of SheetLoad of Cards is sure to be another huge hit!

(Clicking on the image above will open up a dialog box where you can "open" or "save" the PDF file. You will need Acrobat reader to view the issue.)

This issue features stamps and Baubles from Stamping Bella and the work of our May Guest Artist, Lindsay Sasseville!

While you peruse this issue, and fall in love with all of the cute stamps that Emily sells in her store, you can just click on the card or stamp name and be taken directly to that page! Shopping for your new goodies will be so easy!

If you aren't already addicted to Stamping Bella stamps and accessories, it won't be much longer.

We are very happy to have Lindsay as our guest artist this month. Each week she fills her blog with lovely creations, inspiring challenges and great sketches.

Make sure you head over to "In My Stamp Room" and see what the fuss is about! Also, check back later this month for a special "Meet the Artists" episode to learn more about her.

Check out our changes in this issue:
- Added PDF interactivity - shopping links!! Just click on the card and put the goodies in your cart. :)
- "Make It Your Own" ideas are now in the sidebars of each page, next to the card(s) that illustrate the idea.
- Individual dimensions are given for the reader who loves the layout, but just needs a single card. You will find these measurements located conveniently beneath the card sketch.

Coming later this month:
- Another "ShoutOut to SheetLoad" challenge, with the opportunity to win Stamping Bella goodies!
- The first installment of our tutorial series - "SheetLoad Shows You How".
- Some exciting news about our expanding Artist Team!
- The 2nd opportunity to "Share a SheetLoad" for a good cause.
- May's "SheetLoad Showcase" call for cards. This gives the readers the chance to show us their creations.


Unknown said...

OH my gosh... This issue was made for me right??? lol I love Bellas they are the reason I started to stamp..WOW...THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! :) LOVE IT!!!


Gloria said...

Wow,this issue is awesome and the sample cards are sooooooo lovely.
Bella's are one of my favorite so I definitely will be doing this sheetload soon. Thanks all who were involved with this issue!

Lisa McDowell said...

I CAN'T WAIT TO GET STARTED ON ANOTHER ONE.... I use these so much... Thanks Alicia and all the gals for doing such great work...

Anonymous said...

so cute, thanks for the inspiration!


Anonymous said...

Another gorgeous issue, Alicia!! :) Well done!

Martha said...

I'm so excited by this new issue! Last month while making a big SheetLoad of cards using your pattern I wished for a design which would work perfectly with my larger stamps. A good fairy must have heard my wish, lol. The perfect sketch, the perfect cutting pattern. Thanks Alicia!Martha

Anonymous said...

wow, it's a issue with inspiration

Alex said...

Another fabulous issue - I love it!! Whoohoo!


Anonymous said...

OHHHhhh!! this is my first visit and I love it, I will be stopping by often to play....thanks

Risa said...

This is my first visit also and I am very impressed by everything!!!! You ladies put together a fantastic eZine and I love the ideas. Thank you for the inspiration!

Teresa said...

This issue is GREAT! I love all the sheetloads but this one might be the best yet! Thanks!!!

Martha said...

Oh wow, I just found this site and I love the May issue. Just posted on my blog

Unknown said...

Glad I found this site. What a great thing you have going here! Thanks! I've just added you to my blogroll.


Theresa said...

I am so glad I found your eZine, I luv my bellas!!! thank you so much for the awesome information you provide!!! I have posted a link and a shout out on my blog here at
come by and say HI

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the new issue, It is so awesome! thanks for some more great ideas

Julia Aston said...

Yikes - where have I been? I just found this site - how fun is this! thanks so much for the inspiration!