Wednesday, January 2, 2008

SheetLoad is a book? {confused}

There have been 2 comments today on the January issue post about SheetLoad being a "book" and finding out about it "last year".

Can somebody please let me know the book they are referring to?

I don't want to be infringing on anybody else's work, and as far as I know my magazine/eZine is unique.



Michelle said...

It sounds to me like maybe some people have just confused the newsletter for a book? I don't have any knowledge of a book or anything with the same title, or similar ... I think yours is unique. :]

Amy said...

I just found you and wow! this is so cool, I can't wait until I have some time to sit down and play with these!

hamblinj said...

Hi there

This looks just soooo fabbo - cant wait to get them all off and play - will try to send you some cards when/if I get them done!

Love the concept - many thanks