Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reader Suggestions

Beth at Stamp Me A Rainbow recently blogged about her first experience using a SheetLoad of Cards issue and made a wonderful suggestion on how you can "Make It Your Own".

Her idea is to use double-sided patterned paper to make the set of cards look just a little different from each other. This would still allow you to make the out of each sheet, but also have some variety.

Love the idea, Beth!

Do you have a way you "make it your own" when creating your latest SheetLoad? Leave a comment here and let others know about it as well.


Lee said...

That's my Beth!!!! And yes...she is truly amazing and talented!!!!

Suzanne said...

My Beth too........I commented on her blog how much I liked this idea and now look she's famous! I am so going to do this next time I make cards in bulk.

I just love SheetLoad of Cards! Thank you and keep up the great work.

Cory said...

Ladies, quit hogging the Beth! Yay Beth!

Beth said...

Wow, I am honored - thanks for stopping by my blog! :-)

Thanks so much for the special shout-out, too! Would you believe it never occured to me to make them all the same? I just can't seem to take the easy route, lol!

I'll be looking forward to each new issue! Thanks again ~

Anderson Arts Online said...

One idea (that of course others have probably had but haven't mentioned) is turning the sketch "sideways"(so to speak) so that you get the card opening in the other landscape/portrait direction. This makes it possible to change up your cards a bit and makes them maybe a little more flexible to what stamp images or embellishments you may want to add to the card.