Sunday, April 6, 2008

Share a SheetLoad of Cards - April 2008

While looking through my copy of the May 2008 CardMaker magazine, I found an article titled "Readers Reach Out" and I was inspired to challenge SheetLoad readers to "Share a SheetLoad of Cards"!

The purpose of "Readers Reach Out" is to...

"...share your creativity while reaching out with love, purpose and positive energy."

SheetLoad has been blessed the past few months with guest artists, celebrity sketches, awesome celebration sponsors and lots of new readers; so I thought it only right to give back in some way.

In this month's issue "Readers Reach Out" is asking for cards that will be donated to the residents of Franciscan Skemp Healthcare / Arcadia Campus Nursing Home in Arcadia, WI.

Here is my challenge to you:
1 - Choose a current or past issue of SheetLoad of Cards and complete a full "sheetload". This is usually 6-9 cards.

2 - The theme of the cards for the issue is: Fall Colors

3- You can make cards for specific occasions (ie: birthdays, anniversaries) or they may be general, all-occasion cards.
Please do not sign the cards, as the residents will be sending the cards and writting messages/signing them.

4 - Download and fill out the "Share a SheetLoad" form, and send it along with your cards to the address shown below.
***Each month they select three (3) reader cards to showcase in the magazine, so make sure to include your name and location on the form.

5 - Mail your cards and envelopes to: Mary Lynn Maloney, Readers Reach Out Coordinator, 5091 Bell Street, Port Townsend, WA 98368
Please make sure to include envelopes for each of the cards you send in.

6 - Please make sure the cards arrive by their deadline. May 12, 2008

SheetLoad would really like to keep giving back, so please email if you have any suggestions as to what group/facility could be the focus of our next "Share a SheetLoad"

ps: If any of you reading are bloggers, any and all help to spread the word about this post, would be greatly appreciated.


Gloria said...

I will try to get done and mailed.

Anonymous said...

I'm in !

Colleen said...

What an awesome idea...I too saw the "readers reach out" and wanted to send I have a format too.


Maria Jesus said...

this is a very nice idea!!
i will check it!!

Maria jesus

NanaBeth said...

You might want to consider this in the future: they send cards overseas for the troops to send home.

crafty al said...

Nanabeth: I will definitely check into that for our next round of Share a SheetLoad. I checked out the site and it looks like a great cause.

Jen said...

What a wonderful idea!

Monique said...

Where do you get the Sheetload of Cards magazines? I am printing one out but I would love to have the full color magazines.