Thursday, June 19, 2008

Announcing SheetLoad Mini Issues!

Back in April we put a call out for additional sketch artists we received many great entries, but alas only 2 new artists could be chosen. Please help me welcome Ann Seleshanko and Nicole Anderson to the SheetLoad Artist Team!

Ann and Nicole will be responsible for sketches AND samples in our new eZine - SheetLoad Mini.

Beginning in July, SheetLoad of Cards will be putting out a mini mid-month edition. Each issue will give feature a new sketch, cutting diagrams and samples. It will be skinnier than a standard SheetLoad issue, but we think you will find it just as useful.

After Ann and Nicole debut their first issue, a special episode of "Meet the Artists" will help you get to know each artist a little better.


Lorie said...

Oooo...very neato! Can't wait to see the first issue!

Tonya said...

Cool beans!

Michelle said...

Welcome to the team Ann & Nicole!! :]

Scrapbookmama said...

OHHH What that ROCKS.. screaming like a groupie :)

Can't wait!


Anderson Arts Online said...

Thanks, MICHELLE! I am very excited and already working on my first sketch!! HUGS, Nicole

Ann said...

Well I know I'm excited too! I'm so glad to be part of this great team.

Janet said...

Wonderful! I found your site a few days ago and downloaded a few of the archived ezines. I tried one of them out and WOW! It makes things go so much more quickly and my workspace isn't quite as messy... at least I am only making one kind of mess at a time! Thanks so much... I wish I had found this site earlier!

Kim said...

Looking VERY forward to this!
Congrats Ann & Nicole!
Hugs~ Kim