Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Store those stamps in style... and a chance to win some blog candy!

With June's issue of SheetLoad of Cards being dedicated to using those $ stamps we all had to have, we thought a great blog candy to offer up would be storage for that stash!

This month, Mandy from Secret Scrapper, has been kind enough to offer SheetLoad readers a chance to win one of her Stamp Holder Albums!

These albums come ready-to-alter and includes 10 sheet protector pages with pockets that will perfectly fit those Studio G clear stamp sets, as well as other unmounted stamps you may have.

Here is an example of a stamp holder album that was altered by Jen R, one of our SheetLoad artists:

To be entered to win:
- Browse through the Secret Scrapper online store.
- Come back to the SheetLoad blog and leave a comment on this post that includes:
* Your favorite Secret Scrapper product
* Any $ stamp storage ideas you currently use
* Your First Name, Last initial and email address*

Post must be made by midnight CST on Friday, June 27th.

A winner be selected using and will be announced by the 1st of July.

The fine print:
If your comment is linked to a blog with contact information, you do not need to leave your email address in the comment.
If no contact information is provided and your comment wins, another comment will be selected as the winner.
You can put blanks and spell out punctuation in your email address if you feel safer. Your email address will not be used for any purposes other than to contact you if you win the prize.


Amy said...

Hmmm, a favorite? I love SEI albums and might say that or the little star album but I think the think I would be most likely to buy is the thing you are giving away, the $1 stamp holder album. Right now I punch a hole in mine and hang them from my pegboard in my craftroom. I am Amy E and my email is linked with my blog info!

Cat said...

i've not seen this store yet... love the albums, but i really need an ATC storage book. the one on secretstamper is so cute too! I'm Cat L. and my blog has my contact info. thx for the chance to win!

Jenn said...

Love the monthly kits - very reasonably priced, so I can have more kits and more variety! For my $1 stamps, I either put them into CD cases with the rest of my stamps, or if I haven't used them yet, they go on one of those binder rings. Thanks! Jenn R (Comment will link you to my blog where you can contact me direct)

Cindy Vernon said...

I love anything sei but if I had this little album Imight actually use my dollar stamps.

Scrappy Rat said...

Ooh, not easy to pick a favorite--the blue april kit is gorgeous, then there's the October card kit that I totally love (cool designs!). I love hearts, too, so the January kit is also pretty great. I've got ATC's everywhere, so that's tempting.

But...the thing that I totally fell for was the Gerbil album because I run a rodent rescue ( :) I don't have any gerbils of my own at the moment, though, so may I suggest adding a "rats" album and "chinchilla" album? :) I *need* those! I'm so excited to see rodents represented! Let me know when you open again! I know a lot of guinea pig and gerbil folk who will be getting albums for the holidays this year! :)

Veronica N.

Monica-FC said...

I have never seen this place before. But i love ATC holder album and the stamp storage album. I loved those 2. I use a CD album to hold my spellbinders and all my dies like that in there as it is easier to keep track of them plus i can also put a magnet with the ones that has more than 1 this way it keeps them all together. I get the magnet register covers as i can cut them to any size I want.

Monica Sheldon

Alison said...

I really like the stamp storage album. Right now I just store them in a box and have to look through them everytime I want to use one.
I've thought about buying an album for clear stamps, but haven't done it yet. Maybe I'll win the blog candy and won't have to :).
Visit my blog at I don't keep it as current as I should, but I plan to someday--procrastination is a terrible thing!
Good luck to all,

Paula said...

I like the 6 x 6 scalloped album. Right now I am storing my stamps in something similar, but not as cute. I am using baseball card holders in a plain ole binder. I would love to have an alterable one.

Diane said...

I love the G Studio storage album!
I was looking for something like it this week,I'm so glad I heard about this. Mine are just anywhere and everywhere right now,I need some kind of organization and this will be perfect!
My name is Diane L. and email is

michelle said...

I really like the monthly kits. They're a great bargain! Right now I keep my dollar stamps in baseball card sleeves and put them in a binder. They fit perfectly in them.
Michelle Ip

Teri Couture said...

My favorite Secret Scrapper product is the monthly kit. My $ stamp storage consists of clear 9x12 plastic containers (I have several). Teri C.

AShu93 said...

My favorite is the scalloped album. But I also really like the stamp holder too.

I store my $ stamps in a 3-ring scrabook album in the 9 pocket pages.

My name is Ann S.

Char- said...

My favorite item is the My Garden Grows Themed Album.
I store my stamps that are in bags on my clipit holder.
I am Char- D. and my Google/Blogger profile has a link to email me.

Jill said...

What a great storage album for those $1 stamps! I agreewith one of the other comments that the monthly kits are lovely and very nicely priced. I really need that storage album for my growing collection of Studio Gs! I currently store them in a lunchbox tin (they I have yet to decorate) and I keep them on their little card and file them behind index cards that sort them by theme (birthday, girly, christmas, etc.). The lunch tins are large enough to hold two rows of stamps but I am full. Thanks for the blog candy opportunity and the look at a great store.

luvzenkm2 (Leea) said...

Love the ATC album, and the letters album..I could go on ...My stamps are in a 4 drawer cube, kept in series of $ linked via blogger...Thanks love the stamp album....

Martha said...

WOW, I love that stamp holder album. it's too cute and so perfect for those stamps.

right now, my studio G stamps are in a Maya Road coffee break tin. That's the best I could come up with at the time. I divided the tin in half, so I can stack the stamps in it. Just takes a bit to find the one I want.

Martha A -

soccerboyzmom said...

I have the Stamp Album on my wish list. I would love to win one, my next favorite is the albums that are scalloped the 8 X 8 size.

I currently store them in baseball card pages on a notebook ring hanging on a hook.

My name is Karen Z and my email is

thanks for this chance to win

Tiffany Bauer said...

What awesome blog candy!!! I have some on my blog right now until tomorrow.
Never heard of this site but after looking at it I really like the frames you can decorate. Love it!!!!
I actually store all my unmounted stamps in their orginal wrapping in a box. Not great storage right now so I need this album!!!!
Tiffany B

Margo :-) said...

* Your favorite Secret Scrapper product - ATC holder album
* Any $ stamp storage ideas you currently use - keep them all in a clear rubbermaid type container
* Your First Name, Last initial and email address*
Margo S.

jules p said...

My fav product would be their monogram albums. I have made several of them.
As for my way to store them...well mine is in those little baseball card holders.
Jules p.
imisstx at comcast dot net

please pick me!;)

Ashley said...

I think the monthly kits are super cute! The April one is my fave. I use shoe boxes for my stamp storage. I have big feet, so the boxes are always big (size 11 works great) Then I just write on the outside of them, what types of stamps are in there.

Anonymous said...

I love the 12 stars album. But I like everything you offer! Currently I use cd cases and an old photo album.
Nicole C.

Kim B. said...

Oh my! Those Secret Stamper products are so yummy, and practical, too! I think my favourite product would have to be the ATC album! I have been looking for something exactly like that! Currently, I have a $ store 3-ring binder that I altered, and filled to the brim with ATC's! I need a new one! ;) My blog has an email link to contact me:

Dana said...

WOW! What a great store! I love the monogramed albums! Too cute!

Kim B. said...

Oops...misread the instructions :P I store my $ stamps in a binder with photo sleeves - doesn't work so well, because the stamps fall out of the slots because they're too big. I have been trying nout DVD cases - they work much better for most stamps!

marla said...

My favorite products is the 6 X 6 scalloped album. Right now I store my $1 stamps in plastic baseball card organizers in a 3 ring binder. Marla H. (

Anonymous said...

My favorite product was their monthly kits. Don't care which one. LOL Most of my stamps are from StampIn Up which come in a nice case. Using that idea I took a gallon bag and a piece of foam board that is sized to to the bad. I coordinated all my loose woodblock stamps into groups and then placed those groups in the gallon bag. The foam board keeps the bag from collapsing and I've labeled the top of the bag so that I can just flip through the tops and pick out the category I'm looking for. I keep them all in metal decorative storage bins.

Michelle G.

Janet said...

I just browsed her site and have to say that I still like the stamp storage album best, but the monogram frames come in second. I NEED this stamp storage album. I am such a sucker for the dollar stamps. I have so many that they are overwhelming my clear stamp storage drawer in my filing cabinet. This is a great product. Right now I have a bunch of storage systems going on in my stamp room. I have 3 large office type wide 5 drawer filing cabinets. I bought stacking stamp storage trays for my wood mounted stamps. I also use office stacking trays, too. For my unmounteds I use binders with storage pages from Sunday International. I also have TONS of CD cases full of stamps. I like those except they are not big enough for larger stamp sets. I use cheap storage bins to hold all my clear sets. I am in the process of trying to organize them all now and I am about to pull all my hair out. UGH!
Janet S

Shelly said...

Oh wow, I didn't even know there was such a thing to hold stamps!

Wendy said...

I really like the monogram albums. First I've seen like those. I am storing my $ stamps in a Target Christmas organizer box. Will work until I buy more! LOL

Wendy L.

flybabymom said...

I liked the secret stamper kits! I didn't see one for this month, though--do you produce one every month? What a great deal. And I like the stamp storage album, too. :) Hope i win!

Becky Sorensen said...

The ATC book is kewl. The albums are really nice. I would love the stamp holder - I store mine in cd cases and in some little boxes.

MollyK. said...

My favorite was the ATC card holder as I'm searching for storage for Cuttlebug dies and acrylic stamps, etc. My name is MollyK. B and my email is

Sharon said...

I like the stamp storage album. We all need more storage for our toys!! Right now I have a plastic storage box that I keep all my clear stamps in, but they are about to outgrow it!!

Purple Princess said...

Very nice stuff in that store. I love the Wall Flower Hanging! I also love the Stamp holder album.

My current storage for the Studio G stamps is using a three ring binder with the pages being baseball card holders. There are nine pockets per page and the stamps fit perfectly. I saw the idea somewhere online.

Tara P

Michele said...

My favorite idea/product would have to be the stamp holder binder/album! I love collecting various acrylic stamp sets and I only have a flimsy handmade binder to protect them. Winning your stamp holder album would be so awesome! I've bookmarked SheetLoad of Cards to check out daily.
Thanks for the random giveaway!!
Michele at

Donna Espiritu said...

my favorite would be the ultimate monogram album...
thanks for the giveaway!

donna e. (

kcolegrove said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!! I so love all of the specialty items. As soon as I get some extra money, I want to get a Frame album and a Kindergarten album. They are so cute!!!!!!!

I put my $1 stamps in empty cd jewel cases and store them in a cd crate. I'd like to store them differently, though.

I'm Kathy Colegrove

Kathy said...

I like the $ stamp holder album.

Brenda said...

OMG! First of all I really need the $ Stamp Album as mine are all in their little packages in a drawer so I don't actually use them or use them much. But, I also would love and will have to get three of your travel albums. I need the Cruise, Explore Europe and Travel the World albums.

Right now I am slowly putting my stamps in jewell cd cases. What isn't in a case is still in it's package in a drawer.

My name is Brenda T. and my email is

Littleone's Scrapbook Journal said...

I love the 12 star album!!

I store mine in a tray by theme. They don't get used much!

Jen H (

Linda said...

I love, love, LOVE the stamp holder album. That's my favorite. Right now I store my stamps in CD cases or in a basket in their original packaging. I'm
L Eterno and my e-mail is Thanks for offering this blog candy.

Anonymous said...

The Ultimate Monogram albums are awesome!!!

I am terrible about stamp storage - thrown in a plastic tub. I NEED to do better!!! Which is why I need that organizer!

Deb Long
ebertd at yahoo dot com

ddinak said...

I really like the Framed Albums...Wish they did numbers for doing either B-Day books or School Books by grade.

I have my stamps just hanging on my hand made Clip it up. I totally love the books!

Denise K

fran h said...

great products! I love the travel albums. I store my stamps in a binder with page protectors and tranparencies it seems to do the job.
Thanks for the chance to win a great prize.
fran heupel

Lil said...

My fovorite product is the monogram album. I have been keeping my studio G stamps on binder rings so I can just flip through and find the one I need.
Lillian Friday

Gloria said...

I just recently found out what ATC cards are so I like the ATC card album and especially like the little album that is being offered as a prize.
I now keep my stamps in a notebook with trading card pages. It is pretty good method.
I am Gloria J and you know my email, I think!

Linda said...

I love the monthly card kits.
I store my clear stamps in big notebooks on hard plastic pages, made for this purpose.
Linda Peterson

SmilynStef said...

I love the monogram frames.
I store my $1 clear stamps in pocket protectors made for baseball cards bought at the office supply store. They fit in a standard 3-ring notebook. I put solid pieces of paper between the pages, so they're easier to see.
Stephanie S
SmilynStef at aol dot com

Kim said...

WOW...LOVE the stamp holder album, what a great chance to win one of these! No wonder I LOVE this site so much!
Thank you for telling me about Secret Scrapper...what great craft ideas and awesome products! My favorite product on the Secret Scrapper site is the Monogram frame!
Currently my $1 stamps are kept safe in old CD cases!

Jeanette said...

I really Like the stamp hoilder album. I currently have NO system for my stamps. They are all over the place LOL!!!

Jeanette S.

Pamela said...

I'm really liking the monogrammed frames. They would make a great gift.

My stamps are currently all dumped in a drawer. I'm worried about one day buying the same set twice!

Pamela Y

Betty in Yuma said...

I went to Secret Scrapper and my absolute favorite thing was the ATC album. As I just joined a newly formed ATC group, this would be a great item to share at our next meeting.

I store my $ stamps in their original packaging but clip the package to the top tier of my Clip-It-Up.

Betty in Yuma said...

Oh my, I forgot to put my name and contact info in my last comment, so will repost it now.

I loved the ATC album at Secret Scrapper. I am new to making ATC's and this would be perfect storage, and I can decorate it!!

I store my $ stamps on the top tier of a Clip-It-Up in their original package.

Thanks for letting me enter the drawing.
Betty S.;

Lynn M. aka lynner22 said...

I love the stamp storage album. Right now, my stamps are all stored in an acrylic snap close case. It works ok, but I find that its not very handy. I also have a lot of acrylic stamps and have them kind of all over the place, so I really need to get a proper storage item for them. I'm Lynn M. and my contact info is linked to my blog.

CA-scrappin said...

I love the scallop album with the window. too cute!
I currently store my stamps on thin acrylic sheets in a zippered binder
* Tiffani M.

KimR said...

Wow! What a great idea--the stamp albums. Funny that I should come across this today. Just last night I wsa reorganizing my stamps after a frenzied week of WSW!!! All week I kept flipping through my $ stamps and knew I needed some system. Soo, I have this long plastic basket, about 3" wide and 12"long. I sorted my stamps by theme, then placed labelled dividers between each theme. Still not ideal..the album would be perfect!

My TWO favorite items are the stamp and the ATC albums. I just made my first set of ATCS and was wondering how to store them. Thanks for the cahcne to win one of my favs! KimR karennie at (hope that is okay for spelling it out!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Great Contest!!
I love the frames, my fave is the scallop edge one!
Right now I'm storing my stamps in 12x12 drawers by type, but I've been looking for a new type of storage so this is perfect!!
Kim in MN
kgsg5 at sherbtel dot net
hope the email makes sense :)

Christa said...

Great store!! I could have much breaking the bank!! lol

My favorite product and the first thing I would have to get are the Monogram albums!!

Love the stamp holder album you're giving away. What a great idea!! Would be fun altering one. :)

My $ stamps I have up on my wall above my desk. They sit on top of my ink pad holder. Also I have a stamp cabinet that holds over a 1000 rubber stamps.

I am Christa P and my email is


Creative Angie P said...

My favorite is the Love cute! I would love to buy the album you are giving away...always looking for new ways to store my lil stamps. I have mine organize using those circle rings but sets
My name is Angie, my blog is linked

audrey (txpackrat) said...

Wow! What a great store! My favorite thing, besides the stamp album, would be the 6x6 and 8x8 scalloped albums.
I store my $1 stamps in a recipe box holder. I've got the tabs seperated by theme and the stamps tucked behind them. Thanks for the great give away!!!!
Audrey G. (

Katy said...

I had never seen the store until now! I'm really diggin' the ultimate monogram albums.

Currently my $ stamps are in my Fiskars rolling bag. If they aren't in there then they get stored in a basket with other stamps.

I'm Katy M.

Michele R. said...

My favorite item is the Stamp Holder Albums :) I love those!! I currently have no real stamp storage--they are just shoved in a pocket of my rolling tote (that sits at home ;)). I would love some better storage so that maybe I could finally start USING those stamps :)

~Michele R.~
dizzydaizycreations @ (no spaces :))

Twinklescrapbooks said...

I love the monogram albums, especially the letter H since my son's name is Harrison!
I store my stamps in page protectors right now. I love the idea of a stamp storage album like the one you offer!
My name is Tina W. and email is or you can click on my name.
Thank you for the awesome giveaway!!!
P.S. I have a small nsbr giveaway on my blog! :)

daiseyfreak said...

I like the stamp holders the best. I currently hang mine from my home-made clip it all, but it's starting to take up too much room. My favorite storage tool is baskets that I get from garage sales. I love primitive stuff and love the look the baskets give to my scrapbook room.

Joy L. Stagg
please contact me through my blog site or via SCS, my name is daiseyfreak. thanks for the opportunity!

wustaz said...

what a cool idea. I think I could put this to good use

Anonymous said...

i liked the java or tea album. my $1 stamps are just kept in a pocket in my tool bag. Would be nice to have the album to keep them in.

Cindy B

Dorie said...

My favourite items that I like are the monthly kits and the camping themed album, however the item I like and NEED the most is the stamp holder album. That way I would no longer have to store them in ziplock bags in a plastic tote!

Dorie R.

java diva said...

The scallop album with the window is awesome!
I shove my $ stamps in a messy drawer. :( I never thought to check to see if they'd fit in my ATC holder where I keep my bellas.
kimberlee p.

Sue D said...

I like the stamp holder albums. They seem just the right size. Right now mine are just in a plastic basket. I've considered putting them in an album with baseball card pages but this seems nicer. I also like the monthly card kits.
Sue D
slrdowney at hotmail dot com

scrapaddict said...

i love the card kits! the are fab!!! can't wait to get ahold of those kits! for my $1. stamps i keep them in the original packaging and the tuck them into my ctmh stamp box. i wish i had a cool stamp album to put them in though! jen t. (

Heidi said...

To be honest I like the stamp holder too, but I also think the scalloped albums are cool. Right now all my wooden $1 (or $1.50 for me LOL) aree in a basket in my drawer, not the best storage but it works. I took all my Studio G style stamps on put them in clear CD cases, works REALLY well.

Heidi (Canada)