Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SheetLoad of Cards - Design Team Call

SheetLoad is look for four (4) great artists to add to our wonderful team. The new artists will be added to the current rotation, starting with the August '09 issue, and would be featured approximately every three months.

You can Download this PDF to find out more about applying for the position, but here is what it says as well...

SheetLoad of Cards is looking for four (4) talented and fun cardmaker/papercrafters, who are able to showcase our ezine and sketches to their fullest. Enthusiasm for the eZine is a must, your attitude and creations will help bring more recognition to yourself, as well as SheetLoad. We want artists who love SheetLoad as much as we do and are willing to help with promotion and getting the word out.

International applicants welcome.

April 20: Deadline for “Email of Intent”
April 30: Deadline for Submission Challenge Blog Post
May 10: Chosen artists will be contacted
May 15: New artists will be announced on SheetLoad Blog
August Issue: New artists will start being added to our artist rotation.

Design Team Term: Ongoing basis, starting with August ’09 issue. Relationship may be terminated by either party, at any time.

To Be Considered…
Email your “Intent” to sheetload with “DT position” in the subject line. Make sure to include…
- Link to your crafting blog. If you know your monthly/daily hit count and number of “subscribers/followers”, that information is appreciated as well.
- Link to any public online galleries that show your creations
- Three of your favorite, personal, creations from the last 3 months (can either be links or attachments)
- A short bio about yourself and why you would like to design for SheetLoad
- A list of any other DTs you are on, as well as an estimate of how much time per month you can commit to SheetLoad
- Any papercrafting message boards you frequent, along with your username
- The MAILING and EMAIL ADDRESS you will be using for your DT position communication
Please make sure to include answers/responses to each point above. Failure to do so, may result in disqualification. Once your email of intent is received I will reply with our basic rules, timelines, etc.

Submission Challenge
To be considered for a DT position, your “interview” will consist of a “Submission Challenge Blog Post”. For your post…
- Choose any current or past issue of SheetLoad
- Use the provided sketch and dimensions to create three (3) cards and one (1) Beyond the Card item.
o For the cards, you are free to “make them your own”. Be sure to share in your blog post how you did so.
o For the “Beyond the Card” piece you are free to create anything; that is NOT a card, but was inspired by the sketch for the month.
- Make sure to link to the issue you chose to use.
- Email me the link to your “Submission Challenge Blog Post”, after it has went live.

General Design Team Rules:
Below are some basic guidelines for consideration. Once your Email of Intent is received, you will receive additional information about a SheetLoad DT position.
- Must be an “active blogger”; averaging at least 2-3 posts per week.
- Ability to follow instruction and adhere to deadlines is a MUST.
- Photographs/Scans of projects must be of a high quality. Any major glares, blemishes or blurriness should not appear on final image.“Staging” of photos is preferred (ie: props/backgrounds, etc.)

Online Crafting Galleries: It is preferred that you share your creations on at least one (1) online paper crafting gallery and note in the info that it is based upon an issue of SheetLoad of Cards*. *As long as it does not violate any board TOUs.

- No monetary compensation will be given to artists.
- Recognition on the SheetLoad blog with a link to DT members’ crafting blog.
- Artists will be required to use product from their own “stash” to create their projects; without reimbursement from SheetLoad.If there is a sponsor for the issue, you will be provided with product to use for that month.
- As a SheetLoad Artist, you will receive a 25% discount on product at the SheetLoad ShortCuts online store.

Other: Artists will own their creation(s) and be given credit for the work, but SheetLoad will have the right to publish online and offline for marketing, promotional purposes and other uses.

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