Monday, December 15, 2008

Coming in January - Changes to SheetLoad Artist Team - The Transfers

As first discussed in this post, there are going to be lots of changes in 2009 to the SheetLoad Artist Team.

You already know the "retirees", in the next installment you will meet the "new hires" and today I am going to share a "transfer" we have.


Starting with the March issue, Barbara DeBose, will be transferring to the position of Sketch Artist. Barbara has been a Sample Artist for SheetLoad since the beginning. Not only am I lucky enough to have her create for th eZine, but she is a personal friend of mine.

Over the last few months she has been asking me when she could do a sketch for the eZine and has even submitted some ideas.

With Carla leaving us in January, we had a Sketch Artist opening, so I thought Barbara would be perfect for it. She did not hesitate at all to accept the position.


Nicole said...

Congratulations, Barbara!! Glad to see you sliding over to a new responsibility! I can't wait to see your designs!

Hugs, Nicole

Gloria said...

Alicia, so glad that Barbara is there to fill the spot!!! can't wait to see her sketches!!

ashjoy said...

Congrats to the new team. I can't wait to see yor inspiration.

Ann said...

Congrats Barbara!! Can't wait to see your sketches, they are going to be great!