Friday, December 19, 2008

Coming in January - Changes to SheetLoad Artist Team - The New Hires

Today is the day to share the news of our "new hires" with SheetLoad readers!!

You have probably already learned of our "retirees" and "transfer", and are now anxiously awaiting to see who we are bringing on board.

Wait no longer...

Photobucket Photobucket

These faces may look familiar to you, and here is why.

Katie Skiff has been a loyal fan/reader of SheetLoad for quite some time. I have always enjoyed seeing her interpretations of our sketches and perusing her blog for other great ideas. Recently she shared a tutorial on our sister site, ShortCuts, how to create a Snow Globe card using a Frosted Card blank. I hope you will stop by her blog and welcome her to the SheetLoad team.

Marlene Lo was first introduced to SheetLoad readers in the October '08 issue, as our Guest Artist. I just love her clean, simple, style and think she will fit in great with the rest of our team. Make sure to visit her blog for lots of great eye-candy and to welcome her to the team.


Gloria said...

Katie and Marlene, I will be looking forward to seeing your creations!!! So glad you joined Sheetloads!

Nicole said...

Welcome, Katie and Marlene!! It is wonderful to see such talented artists joining Sheetload!!

marlene said...

Hi! Making cards is very new to me :) I will seek for more advise from the team. I am EXCITED!

Ann said...

Welcome ladies! I can't wait to see your creations.